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Rent devices
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Improve your productivity with high-end devices
and flexible monthly payments.

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Variety of Devices

Whether you prefer the powerful devices from Apple, such as the MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad, or the reliable ThinkPad from Lenovo, these devices are built to handle even the heaviest workloads. At our company, we help you choose the best option based on your strategic needs.

Spot the difference with KARA

How to use the features and what are the benefits? we pick the best depending on your strategic needs.

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Lean cost

Renting devices means the company has flexible monthly payments and can invest a small amount of capital.


Break guarantee

KARA will cover the cost of repairs and bear 90% of the total cost.


Flexible upgrades

Renting devices allows for more flexibility when it comes to upgrading technology.


Cost predictability

Makes budgeting easier for companies since they can predict the monthly costs of renting devices more accurately.


Environmental Benefits

Reduces electronic waste and helps conserve natural resources.

Owning devices


Heavy cost

Owning devices means the company has to invest a large amount of capital.


Not guaranteed

bearing the additional cost of repairing the devices, or even replacing them entirely


Being stuck

with outdated devices that the company owns.


Upfront expenses

one-time costs of purchasing devices.


Obsolete Technology

Devices become outdated or are no longer needed.

Why Renting With Kara?

Kara is a platform provides a variety of devices for rent to organizations at anytime anywhere

Increase your cash flow

With our flexible monthly payment options, you can rent instead of buying and grow your business with the latest devices.

90% coverage for any issues

When accidents happen, we will cover up to 90% of the costs and provide a replacement to avoid any delays.

Upgrade at almost the same cost

We provide you with the flexibility to upgrade according to your growth.

Feasibility in financing

Enjoy fixed payments for financial accuracy and transparency.

Customer feedback

Kara divided the payments to a small amount which is good for our financial management.The devices arrived on time and were in excellent condition. I would highly recommend Rent Devices to any business looking to save money and hassle."

Muhannad Lean Node

The devices arrived on time and in great condition, and Kara’s team was always available and they choose the right devices for my need..Thank you kara

Nouf Qewam X

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Frequently asked questions

The renting option helps the company’s owners to provide devices suitable for the use of their employees at monthly costs less than the costs of purchasing them. It also solves the problems of maintaining and accumulating devices.

Determining the uses of your employees and the nature of their work helps you more to choose the appropriate device standards.

also, you can read (https://www.rentkara.com/what-to-rent) or simply book a meeting with our experts to understand what your employees need.

Kara team, make sure that do not receive any device that contains the company’s data, by instructing our customers on how to erase all data, return the devices to factory settings, and make sure that they are free of data before receiving them.

As long as nothing has been wilfully destroyed, we will take care of the repair. The customer’s excess amounts to 10% of the repair costs, and Kara bears the remaining 90%. It is best to contact us immediately and describe the extent of the damage by phone or in writing, ideally with the help of pictures

The device rental is priced according to the quantity and type of device and the rental period. All prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery costs.

All our devices are new or as new, Kara’s team makes sure that the devices reach the customers in good condition and according to their expectations

In case of damage, Kara covers 80% of the repair costs. However, Kara is not responsible for theft, loss, or intentional damage. If your product is lost or stolen, please contact customer support immediately. We do not yet offer any additional insurance for these cases

Of course, we have the option to own the device.